Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mounds View French 1: Tues/Wed, September 23/24, 2014

Same plan Tuesday and Wednesday due to Freshman Retreat!

DUE: rien!
[5 minutes] Conjugation Refresher: Read and repeat conjugations for avoir and être:
avoir = « to have »
I have
nous avons
we have
tu as
you have
vous avez
y’all have
 il/elle a 
he/she has
 ils/elles ont 
they have

être = « to be »
je suis
I am
nous sommes
we are
tu es
you are
vous êtes
you are
il/elle est
he/she is
ils/elles sont
they are

[20 minutes] New Vocab and Grammar: Adjectives and Gender Agreement (pp. 26-27)!
  • Écoutez et répétez: all adjectives on pp. 26-27 (note most are cognates).
  • Emphasize masculine/feminine pronunciation differences.
  • Students then ask each other the question, "Tu es quoi?" and respond with "Je suis..." plus one of these adjectives.
  • Watch for liaison opportunities! Say the ending -s on suis when the next word starts with a vowel.
[25 minutes] New verb: aller
aller = « to go »
je vais
I go
nous allons
we go
tu vas
you go
vous allez
you go
il/elle va
he/she goes
ils/elles vont
they go

Les Devoirs: rien!

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