Friday, September 5, 2014

Mounds View French 1: Friday, September 5, 2014

DUE: rien! nothing!

[10 minutes] Alphabet!

[20 minutes] Number drill 1-30
  • CAH leads pronunciation practice, forward and backward.
  • Students volunteer to say aloud; listeners take notes on best phonetic guess.
  • Students then trio up, practice saying numbers ten at a time (Ann says 1-10, Bob says 11-20, Cal says 21-30, then rotate so each student says each set of numbers at least once!)
 [20 minutes] Review and Expand Conversations!

  • Bonjour! 
  • Comment tu t’appelles? 
  • Je m'appelle.... 
  • Enchanté(e).
  • Comment ça va/Ça va bien? 
  • Bien. Très bien. Pas mal. Mal. Comme ci comme ça. Et toi?
  • Merci! 
  • Au revoir! 
  •  Salut!
  • Je vais bien.
  • Je vais mal.
  • Comme ci, comme ça.
  • À bientot!
  • À demain!
  • Bonne journée! 
 Les Devoirs: Oral quiz next time! Face to face in hall with CAH, you will...
  1. Conduct a "Hello, what's your name" conversation.
  2. Conduct a "Hi, How are you" conversation.
  3. Count from 1 to 30 in French.
  4. Say "See you later."

un onze vingt et un
deux douze vingt-deux
trois treize vingt-trois
quatre quatorze vingt-quatre
cinq quinze vingt-cinq
six seize vingt-six
sept dix-sept vingt-sept
huit dix-huit vingt-huit
neuf dix-neuf vingt-neuf
dix vingt trente

If you want to listen to the words as you study for this quiz, you have many options available. One of the easiest is to type the words you want to study into Google Translate, make sure translator is set to French, and then click the audio button at the lower right corner of the text box. Spell the word correctly, and Google speaks with a pretty good accent!

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