Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mounds View French 1: Monday, September 22, 2014

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write 12 original sentences en français!
  1. Six sentences should use a form of avoir for the verb ("I have...," "She has...").
  2. Six sentences should use a form of être for the verb ("You are...?" "He is...").
  3. Each sentence should include a noun from Vocab List 1B (the one we just quizzed on, pp. 16-17). 
[10 minutes] Reading and Listening Practice
  1. Students trio up, read their homework sentences to each other in round (Student A reads her Sentence #1 in French to Student B; Student B translates that sentence out loud; then B reads his Sentence #1 to C, C translates; then C reads her #1 to A, A translates; and so on...!
  2. Teacher checks homework for completion (12 sentences on paper) during this time.
[5 minutes] Conjugation Refresher: Read and repeat conjugations for avoir and être:
avoir = « to have »
I have
nous avons
we have
tu as
you have
vous avez
y’all have
 il/elle a 
he/she has
 ils/elles ont 
they have

être = « to be »
je suis
I am
nous sommes
we are
tu es
you are
vous êtes
you are
il/elle est
he/she is
ils/elles sont
they are
  • Students: if you haven't written these conjugations down yet, you should!
  • Note difference between elles ont /z/ and elles sont /s/
[15 minutes] Verb and Translation Practice in Group!
  • Similar to start, but now teacher picks student from one side of room to read sentence aloud from homework in French, then picks student from other side of room to translate into English. Listen for verbs: get them right!
[26 minutes] New Adjective Practice! pp. 26-27
  • Read and repeat personality and nationality adjectives.
  • Say each adjective twice, once masculine while pointing at guy, once feminine while pointing at gal (don't sweat explaining in English; keep it in French, simple and physical!)
  • Teacher demos: "Je suis... [adjective]." Then teacher asks student, "Tu es...?" Get students to respond in kind with "Je suis... [adjective].
Les Devoirs: rien! But be ready for a new verb next time!

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