Rules for Mounds View French 1 & 3

I'll be subbing for you from September 2 until September 26. These rules apply strictly during my tenure. When Mme. Guyer returns, these rules disappear, and her rules apply.
  1. Use French whenever you can. 
  2. Behavior that helps you and others learn French is cool. Behavior that hinders you or others from learning French is not cool. Be cool.
  3. Bring paper and writing utensils every day.
  4. Expect constructive noise. We will often break into pairs and groups to practice French out loud. Speak loudly and clearly so your partners can understand you and learn from your excellent pronunciation. 
  5. Fight distraction: pay attention to the people who are speaking to you so you can learn from them.
  6. Fight distraction: turn your phone off. Not vibrate, not silent, but off. I reserve the right to confiscate any phone or other device that distracts us from learning French.
  7. Homework is due the day it's due. If you don't show me your homework by the end of the due date, you lose points.
    1. Late homework is worth half-credit if submitted within one week of the original due date.
    2. Late homework submitted more than one week after the due date is worth no points (but doing it is good for your brain).
  8. Use print and online dictionaries to look up words. Do not use online translators to do your homework for you. 
    1. For example, suppose I assign you to write ten sentences in French about your family. You write ten sentences in English, paste those sentences into Google translate, click for the French translation, and then copy those results onto the sheet that you submit to me for points. That's cheating. You get no points.
  9. I reserve the right to add or amend rules as is necessary for the cause of helping you learn French. I will notify you of amendments and additions before implementing them. 

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